Sit down and experience

Further into the room from Talisker Room you will find the Library. Lovely armchairs, large sofa along the wall, a handmade site-built shelf from floor to ceiling, with rows and rows of bottles.

The bottles are Rune’s collection. Rune was a passionate whiskey man a guest at the restaurant. When Rune passed away, we were contacted by his son, who offered us to buy the collection.
The bottles were then given a new home with us and have been honored with a special place in a room all their own. The bottles in the library are just as it sounds, to be “borrowed” and to be admired. They give a special feeling to the room and when you sit there with your glass, you will understand.

Whisky tastings

Every autumn and spring we have 3-4 tastings advertised via our Facebook page and here on the website. You can also book group bookings any day of the week, all year round except during the high season in summer and big weekends. Minimum number is 8 people for tasting or whiskey dinner.
There are lots of different themes to build a whisky tasting around. Send us an email with your request, and we take it from there!

Do you want to book a tasting together with accommodation at Slipens Hotell? Email them your request.