Slipens Hotel is our hotel located right next to the restaurant.

We have 12 nice rooms, all have got their own personality, with their very special history. Here you live in a tribute we created in memory of one of the many personalities, characters or fighters who have lived their life among us here on the island, at the far end of the cliffs, where the wide sea begins.

We would like to share our rich cultural heritage, which up here is often told from generation to generation. Tales, fish stories and stories with a just right dose of truth and humor told around the lantern, or in the light of the fire.

Welcome to your room at Slipens Hotel.

Lie down for a while on the bed, read about your room’s personality, and let yourself be swept up in history. When evening comes, you may have your own tales to share around the table. Because that’s what we do up here. We listen, think and tell stories further. If you splice and add may not do much, it will usually be a slightly better story then.

Book an experience

We offer different activities such as seafood safaris with crayfish, lobster or mussels & oysters depending on the season. Another tip is whisky tasting 1.5 hours in our bar, which is home to Sweden’s largest whisky collection. Or why not kayaking, it is possible to paddle all year round. We also have various guided tours both on foot and by bike on our beautiful island. If you would rather have some team-forming games / assignments, we will also arrange it. We always have package offers, so take a look here at our range right now.

Conference, meeting or Kick-off?

Fiskebäckskil is quiet, beautiful and relaxing, and an ideal place for conferences and meetings. Feel free to combine your conference with one of our activities and you get an experience beyond the ordinary. Our sauna raft with jacuzzi that is anchored at the far end of the jetty just a few steps from the hotel is usually nice to gather in before dinner.

Our golf hotel a chip from the tee – New Skaftö Golf Hotel

Archipelago hotel a couple of minutes from the restaurant where you can experience the lovely golf course by booking a golf package with us and stay right by the course or just enjoy the wonderful environment with good food at one of the island’s lovely restaurants.

Each room is a personal tribute to a historical profile in the history of golf. The size of these rooms varies between 16-26 sqm and our rooms are equipped with free wifi, TV & AC.

With us you sleep in wonderful King Size beds made by Carpe Diem. The bathrooms have access to a hairdryer, shower and hand soap from Rituals as well as Fairtrade branded shampoo, conditioner & body lotion products.

New hotel area opens June 2022

We are currently building another hotel area a stone’s throw from the clubhouse with 16 double rooms. We like the feeling that no room is the same, so of course we continue on the track that each room is its own experience. Here we furnish with fabrics & materials that give a warm, luxurious and cozy feeling so each room is its own experience. Our beds were hand-built by Aya of Sweden in Lysekil.

It features a lovely courtyard with barbecue area, lounge furniture, putting green