The whisky bar

When the restaurant opened in ’99, the idea was there from the beginning to have a wide range of whiskeys, there was only one problem: the space.
After eight years of collecting, we finally expanded the restaurant and opened Joel’s Bar with its whisky corner in 2007.
In 2016, we expanded further to make more room for whiskey and tastings.

With us you will find more than 2800 whiskey bottles from different distilleries and vintages. We focus primarily on high-quality single malts from Scotland but of course also has whisky from all over the world. Our range is presented with good clarity and good accessibility where you can browse freely among the bottles.

In 2021, we opened another new whiskybar

A whole extension, Talisker Room. Perfect for tastings, big dinners or small parties, or a good whiskey in a comfortable armchair after dinner. We also started our own whisky club, Friends of Skye. Want to know more about it? Email

Thanks to our co-owner Reine’s obsession with the amber nectar from Scotland, our bar is home to the largest malt whisky collection in northern Europe– and we’re proud to have been named ‘Whisky Restaurant of the Year’ by Svenska Whiskyförbundet (the Swedish Whisky Association) multiple times.

We aim to make our collection as accessible as possible, displaying our entire collection on open shelves in the bar and offering tasting flights as well as regular tasting events. Groups of eight or more are invited to email us your request of a tasting.

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