Lunch menu

  • Herring buffet

    Take a big plate at eat from the buffet as a main course.

    The herring and salad buffet is included in all main courses.

  • 185 kr

  • 1/2 lobster au gratin

    1/2 lobster au gratin with grilled lemon, chili mayonnaise and french fries.

  • 275 kr

  • Fish soup

    Our fish and mussel soup made from mussel stock with salmon, cod, shrimps, saffron, mussels and shredded vegetables.

  • 265 kr

  • Whole fried witch

    Fried whole whitch served with shrimps, dill, mushrooms, melted butter, horseradish and boiled potatoes.

  • 325 kr

  • Cod

    with butter sauce with roasted peppers, chorizo, baked yellow beet, pickled frying onion, egg63 and potato puree.

  • 315 kr

  • Today´s special!

    New every weekend!

  • 185 kr

  • Burger

    Hamburger of grounded prime rib and brisket, dressing, cheddar cheese, onion, tomato, salad, melted cheese and french fries.

  • 245 kr

  • Risotto

    Pumpkin risotto, chanterelles, fava beans, deep-fried eggplant, roasted pumpkin seeds and kale chips

  • 245 kr

  • Our large shrimp sandwich

    Our large shrimp sandwich on home baked butter fried bread with salad, egg tomato, apple, cucumber, lemon balm syrup, shrimps and mayonnaise.

  • 245 kr

Our classic herring buffet is included as an appetizer for all dishes as well as coffee / tea during lunch serving.
Do you want to eat herring buffet as a main course? Take a large plate and boiled potatoes are served to 185:-

We are a cashless restaurant.


  • Snaps

    Skåne, OP Andersson, Absolut Vodka, Absolut Citron, Bäska Droppar, Ålborgs Jubileum, OP Petronella, Hallands Fläder
    Swedish snaps!

  • 99 kr