Evening menu


  • Swedish oysters from Lysekil

  • 53 kr

  • Oysters Lilia Legris

  • 39 kr

  • Deep fried oyster

  • 49 kr

  • Roasted Macona almonds

  • 45 kr

  • Marinated Noccelara olives

  • 45 kr

  • Salty crisps with bleek roe

  • 125 kr

  • Fresh shrimps

    With horseradish syrup, mayonnaise and cheese.

  • price of the day kr


  • Scallops

    fried scallop with cauliflower cream, browned butter and orange boiled cauliflower, roasted pine nuts and planed Parmesan.

  • 185 kr

  • Fish and mussel soup

    Mussel stock, soup with salmon, mussels, shrimps, cod, saffron, vegetables.

  • 165 kr

  • Beef Tartar

    Beef tartar from Dalsjöfors with chanterelles, pickled mustard seeds, dried kale, carrot, parsley and garlic cream and deep-fried potatoes.

    1/1 served with french fries.

  • 175/255 kr

  • Beets

    baked beets with goat cheese, roasted hazelnuts, deep-fried capers, arugulas and honey..

  • 145 kr

  • Toast Skagen

    classic toast skagen with seaweed beads and herb salad.

  • 180 kr

Main courses

  • 1/2 lobster

    Au gratin with grilled lemon, chili mayonnaise and french fries.

  • 275 kr

  • Hamburger

    Hamburger of grounded prime rib and brisket, dressing, cheddar cheese, onion, tomato, salad, melted cheese and french fries.

  • 245 kr

  • Risotto

    Pumpkin risotto, chanterelles, fava beans, deep-fried eggplant, roasted pumpkin seeds and kale chips

  • 235 kr

  • Whole fried witch

    With butter, shrimp, dill, mushrooms, horseradish and boiled potato.

  • 325 kr

  • Cod loin

    butter-fried chanterelles, baked Jerusalem artichoke, blue cheese cream, walnuts, butter sauce and potato puree with apple.

  • 315 kr

  • Fillet of plaice

    savoy cabbage, fava beans, hot smoked pork, radish, beetroot risotto and sandefjord sauce.

  • 395 kr

  • Shrimp sandwich

    Our large shrimp sandwich on home baked butter fried bread with salad, egg tomato, apple, cucumber, lemon balm syrup, shrimps and mayonnaise.

  • 245 kr

  • Grazing deer

    Brussels sprouts, blackberry jelly, stewed chard, hasselback potatoes and juniper gravy.

  • 345 kr

  • Fish and musselsoup

    With salmon, mussel stock, cod, vegetables, saffron, mussels and shrimps.

  • 265 kr


  • Crème brûlée

    almond ice cream, sea buckthorn jelly and donut.

  • 110 kr

  • Chocolate

    chocolate bavaroise, shortcake, brownie, butter foam and black berry sorbet.

  • 135 kr

  • Icecream/sorbet

    A scoop of ice cream or sorbet.

  • 45 kr

  • Truffle

    One truffle and one fudge.

  • 55 kr

For our younger guests

  • Pancakes

    With whipped cream and jam.

  • 85 kr

  • Meatballs

    With cream sauce, lingonberry jam, cucumber and boiled potatoes.

  • 85 kr

  • Fish and mussel soup

    With saffron, salmon, cod, shrimp, mussels and vegetables.

  • 105 kr

  • Todays special

    Only during lunch hours. Kids portion of to days special.

  • 85 kr

  • Cod

    With melted butter, potato puree and sugar peas.

  • 125 kr

  • Vanilla Ice cream

    Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce

  • 55 kr