Slipens Hotel

A place for new and old stories. At Slipens Hotell you live in a tribute we created in memory of one of the many personalities, characters or fighters who lived their lives among us here on the island, far out on the cliffs, where the wide sea begins.

All our rooms have been given their own personality, with their very special story. We would love to share our rich cultural heritage, which is often told from generation to generation.

Scratches, fishery stories and stories with a just right dose of truth and humor that were told around the lantern, or in the glow of the fireplace. To read more about the different rooms, see pictures and book your overnight stay visit Slipens Hotell.


Lunch och kvällsmeny

För oss är årstiderna, säsongerna, starkt förknippade med vilka råvaror som finns att tillgå. Från våren då allt börjar om, när makrillen kommer tillbaka till kusten, till sommarens musslor och höstens mys med hummer och ostron i skenet av levande ljus.

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